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Crafting future ready IT solutions

How do we get things done?

We are Vipas.

At our core, we embrace a unique and exciting mission. We find ourselves in perhaps the most exhilarating profession on the planet. Our calling is to guide organizations through their transformative digital journeys, tackling the intricate challenges that arise. However, our true joy lies in unveiling the boundless possibilities within this transformation and, most importantly, reveling in the enjoyment of the journey itself.

We’re all about evolving, digitalizing, and crafting future-ready IT solutions for our clients, a journey of growth we embark on together, both as businesses and as individuals. Our realm of captivating projects spans across Sweden, and our vibrant hub at Globen in Stockholm reflects our strong presence. Drop by anytime for a coffee, and we’ll happily share our story, the perks of being part of our team, and why we’re having such a great time here at VIPAS.

Our value

True world-class business app service.

Fostering growth and development by taking one step at a time to transform global businesses.



To assist organizations with software requirements



Generating IT solutions for challenges in the future ahead

Our Team

Swathi Basi






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